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“Potential of a Man vs Truth”

Hits Best Seller Sharing the Keys to Unlocking Life

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Author and coach, Jenise McNair, celebrates the success of her best selling book, “Potential of a Man vs Truth”, which gives women all around the world encouragement to learn how to walk and embrace their truth.


Largo, MD – Jenise McNair, owner of Free Her Truths LLC, announces the recent release of her book, “Potential of a Man vs Truth” ( which hit best seller on April 4, 2020. The book was written for women who want to change and finally start living the life they have always dreamed of living.


Jenise wrote this book from personal experience saying that we need to, “Stop expecting others to give you what you can give yourself. There's beauty and freedom beyond our pain."


Jenise wants women to do the unthinkable while achieving the impossible. “Unthinkable” refers to being willing to take the necessary steps that allow women to become the best versions of themselves. It means being able to achieve any goals without thinking about limitations.


“Jenise’s personal experiences of turning her personal pain into power inspired me to want the same for my own life. If you are a woman not living up to your full potential because of issues stemming from trust, rejection, or betrayal, this book is for you!”  - Rhonda Woods


“Jenise is a woman of deep character and integrity.  Jenise is 100 percent real; her life lessons and experiences that she shares with women is a true testament of God's love and grace. I encourage women to open their minds and their hearts when reading Jenise's book. Jenise is speaking nothing but truth and power!”  - Katrina Wiley


“The day I sat with Jenise in her living room was the day my life changed for the better. Jenise motivated me to change my life physically and mentally! Once you get your mind straight everything else falls in place. I felt like I was running off of batteries being a single mom but I have a lot of me time now thanks to Jenise. Jenise’s book will surely change your life for the better!”  - Patrice Sweeney


“Potential of a Man vs. Truth” provides insight on how to resolve the problems that compel women to repeat the same vicious cycles that hinder their self-improvement, especially when dealing with men. It will help women embark on a new journey of loving and putting themselves first while helping people face their painful truths so they can be free to live the life they deserve, regardless of how big the goals and dreams might feel.


Jenise McNair is the owner of Free Her Truths, LLC which was created to coach women who are battling with ongoing pain from untreated wounds, past or current. Their mission is to help women identify the potential that is inside them, heal properly and be able to walk and embrace their truth. From there, women will no longer hold anyone else accountable for their own happiness because they will stop expecting others to give them what they can give themselves. Being content and settling for far less than what they deserve will no longer be an option. They will be empowered to finally take back full control over their lives, knowing their own self-worth, self-value and purpose.


Jenise offers complimentary 30min sessions at



Jenise McNair

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