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Embracing who she is and no longer accepting less than she deserves.

Jenise McNair is the owner of Free Her Truths, LLC which was created to coach women who are battling with ongoing pain from untreated wounds, past or current. Their mission is to help women identify the potential that is inside them, heal properly and be able to walk and embrace their truth. From there, women will no longer hold anyone else accountable for their own happiness because they will stop expecting others to give them what they can give themselves. Being content and settling for far less than what they deserve will no longer be an option. They will be empowered to finally take back full control over their lives, knowing their own self-worth, self-value and purpose. Fully being aware of themselves and standing firmly and boldly, knowing who they are. Not only will they be able to identify the Potential that resides on the inside of them but they will also be able to take action and activate that very same Potential while Evolving then Becoming it.

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Potential of a Man vs. Truth focuses on helping women across the world learn how to walk and embrace their truth. Although it’s not easy dealing with past pain or current circumstances, women must confront these issues head-on to be able to live up to their full potential. 

Potential of a Man vs. Truth provides insight on how to resolve the problems that compel women to repeat the same vicious cycles that hinder their self-improvement, especially when dealing with men. Women must stop inflicting pain on themselves by investing in men that aren’t worth their time and energy.  

Being content and settling for far less than what you deserve will no longer be an option after reading this book. You will be empowered to become the Best Version of You. This book does not condemn women or make them feel ashamed about past mistakes or poor decisions they may have made. Instead, the author shows compassion towards women, reminding them that they aren't alone, that they are worthy and valuable, no matter what they’ve been through. 

Jenise uses her own personal experiences of how she prevailed and overcame painful truths that she didn’t want to accept. She realized that walking in her Truth was the key to unlocking a life she’s always dreamed of. Now she comfortably lives in her Truth and wants to help women across the world do the same. 

Potential of a Man vs. Truth is a MUST-read book for women who are ready to take full control over their lives. This book is for anyone who is prepared to finally put themselves first and Evolve into the woman they are meant to Become. 

I am looking for women are ready to start doing the unthinkable while achieving the impossible. Women who are willing to take the necessary steps that’s going to allow them to Become the Best Version of themselves. Women that are ready for change and ready to finally start living the life they have always dreamed of living. Do you know someone who’s ready for this undying transformation? Is that Person You?

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