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Meet Jenise

2x Best-Selling Author

International Best Selling Author 

Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX

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Jenise has transformed her life by only focusing on her Self Development and trying to become the Greatest Version of herself. Jenise is truly a lover of people and a natural motivator who encourages and inspires others to go after their dreams despite obstacles that try to get in the way. Jenise is passionate about helping others walk in their personal truths, taking ownership over their Happiness and truly loving themselves within. As a Mindset Coach Jenise believes when you mentally challenge yourself and choose to be better than who you were yesterday, nothing can stop you from getting the best out of life. 

Jenise lives in Largo, Maryland and is the mother of three amazing children, Jelani, Jaylah, and Jordyn. She learned how to overcome adversity by developing mental fortitude and beating all the odds set to prevent her growth as a woman and mother. She believes your circumstances in life are only permanent when you choose to accept them as defeat. She believes you are only as Great as you think you are, So don’t just think you’re Great, know you’re Great! 

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